CCleaner is one of the most popular file-cleaning software systems in the world. It automatically deletes old, temporary or unnecessary files from your phone, speeding-up performance and freeing-up space.

CCleaner chose Novoda to help with their Android app development and we’re proud to say our app is now cleaning up the phones of nearly 10 million users worldwide every month.

We’ve also generated some interesting results from conducting app store optimisation with CCleaner and Google has profiled our use of Firebase for this project on their developer blog.

Vital Statistics

  • 3 years working together
  • 4 team members (2 full-time developers)
  • 4.4 star average user rating
  • 9.8 million monthly active users
  • 99.9% crash free
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The brief

When CCleaner approached Novoda they were looking for an app development agency that could help them meet the high standards their customers expected.

Their brief to us covered these key features:

  • Simple user-focused app that cleans your device and makes it faster, no unnecessary bells and whistles
  • Provide a high quality service in multiple countries and languages, ensuring a flawless layout for all
  • Run seamlessly across any device, including more basic models with less storage space, which are able to run better and last longer by using CCleaner
  • Introduce a freemium model with in-app-purchases, without diluting the experience for free users

We needed experienced Android specialists. We shortlisted a number of agencies, but Novoda stood out because everyone else was more about building basic client–server type apps. The nature of our application meant we required someone who really understood the Android platform at a system level.

Vishal Kara, Head of Products at Piriform

Our approach

  1. Our first step is to get to know the end-users, so we conducted an in-depth user study to better understand their needs and motivations.
  2. We welcome close collaboration with our clients, so we held regular workshops with the team at CCleaner to discuss new ideas and shape them into useful features.
  3. We rigorously test every possible user flow across multiple devices to ensure perfect functionality in every scenario.

ccleaner sketches

We all work together, share ideas and discuss the development of the application regularly. Everyone likes to contribute, get things done and make progress.

Vishal Kara, Head of Products at Piriform

The end result

We designed CCleaner for Android to do one job and do it really well.
We focused on:

  • an appealing and simple UI to create an enjoyable experience for our users
  • a well thought-out UX to make the process totally intuitive from the first use
  • a smooth in-app purchase flow, allowing users to upgrade for extra powerful features


The results blew us away:

  • Average rating on the Google Play Store of 4.4 stars
  • 9.8 million monthly active users across 28 languages
  • More than 38 million downloads so far
  • Highly engaged beta testing community of 100,000+ users providing vital feedback on new releases
  • Running at 99.9% crash free

It’s been a great journey so far, working with enthusiastic and skilled people. Sometimes the easiest things are the most difficult to achieve and you can only do so with a great team.

Vishal Kara, Head of Products at Piriform

Featured by Google

As a Google-certified agency, we were approached by Google to create a video for their developer blog, about how we used Firebase to improve the CCleaner app. We were happy to oblige.

🚀 Play Store optimisation 💯

As ongoing partners, CCleaner asked Novoda to help them optimise their Play Store listing. One of the areas we tested was adding emojis to the short description to see how this impacted download rate across CCleaner’s key international markets.

The results showed an increase in downloads of up to 20% in some countries. Read more about the Play Store emoji testing on our blog or check out this article on emoji testing on Engadget.

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