Creating the world’s best real estate app for Germany’s largest portal in the market, with 12 million active users per month.

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Devotion to details forms the experience

Excellent software solutions are not magic tricks. Every project is unique—created in countless small steps, solving the right problem at the right time. That’s why our partners come to us: they want the highest quality digital experience for their users.

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in-app-purchases, multi-language, system level development


Boosting CCleaner’s design, performance, and user rating, while introducing an in-app-purchase model to millions of users.

Android, React Native, API


Creating “Pulse”, SoundCloud’s first artists’ app for Android, with 500,000+ downloads in the first 10 months.

offline experience, API, auto-sync

The Times & Sunday Times

Redesigning The Times Android app, to create a seamless offline performance and excellent reading experience.

Setup wizard, API, Theming & AOSP


Building and designing a secure setup wizard for the new Blackphone 2, the most secure smartphone on the planet.

Streaming, Video-on-Demand, Chromecast

Berliner Philharmoniker

Creating a Digital Concert Hall for one of the world’s most renowned symphony orchestra, with live streaming for the highest of expectations.

Flagship App, Agile Development, QA

Tesco’s Hudl

Building the Groceries app for Tesco’s new Hudl that puts an affordable Android tablet and reliable home delivery in the hands of millions.

Flagship App, Agile Development, QA

The Sun

The Sun is the world’s best-selling English language tabloid newspaper with an average daily readership of approximately 5.5 million.

Flagship App, Agile Development, QA


MUBI is a curated online cinema that allows users to subscribe to view cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies.

Novoda ♥ Open Source

Open source development tools are part of our daily work, because they guarantee up-to-date, secure, modular, reusable code.

We value the exchange of ideas and solutions. That’s why we make a point of contributing to the open source community, giving back as much as we can.

The open source libraries and demos we created have a reputation of solving often encountered Android development problems — have a look at our recent projects.


Handy commands for testing Android on CI

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Code generation for Java/Android database access.

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Easy Espresso UI testing for Android applications using RxJava.

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Super duper easy way to release your Android and other artifacts to bintray.

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A simplification of database access for Android.

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Generate a color palette based on an image.

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