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Quantifiable results are at the heart of our Product Engineering. Our teams specialise in leading Businesses to conceive, ideate and deliver successful digital products.

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We’re one of very few agencies in the world that have achieved Google Certified Agency status, thanks to our unwavering dedication to delivering quality design, robust strategies and a meticulous implementation process for our clients. This gives us early access to cutting-edge technologies, which we can utilise to deliver mobile solutions with measurable benefits for you.

Working together

We know your issues and circumstances are unique, so we always spend time getting to know your business and understanding your goals and pain points before recommending a mobile strategy to meet your needs. Once we’re all agreed on the right direction, we can offer a range of mobile services, including:

App reviews

Workshops & Training

Building prototypes

Integrated sprint teams

Lean mobile product teams

Mobile transformation

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Our work

User-centric design

Developing apps for The Times and The Sun, we used user testing and design validation to deliver apps with 4+ star ratings that resulted in measurable business value.

The Times & The Sun

Technical expertise

Tesco asked Novoda to create a customised Android ROM for their Hudl2 device, working with multiple agencies across Europe to deliver a complex and successful tablet, with over 2.5 million devices sold.

Tesco logo

Video excellence

Working with Channel 4 provided a great opportunity to deliver a fresh new look for their video-on-demand app, create a rigorous testing framework to improved the app stability, and implement a modern, adapatable DRM framework for both their video-on-demand and live streaming needs.

Channel4 logo


The team at SoundCloud valued our transparent approach and ability to match their technical excellence, with our shared focus on quality helping us to deliver a 99.9% crash-free product.

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Our best-in-class video-on-demand solution for Mubi which runs across smartphones, tablets and Android TV, was considered to be such high quality it was selected to be pre-installed on all Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Android TV Nexus Players in the UK.

Mubi logo


Working with CCleaner on a daily basis for 3 years, we held product planning workshops, conducted competitor analysis, developed a monetisation strategy, and ultimately delivered a market-leading app with over 50 million downloads and a 4.4 star rating.

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We’d love to discuss your challenges and how we can help you overcome them. It’s never too early to get in touch.

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